Saturday (St Aelred)

Woke up to the promised snowfall–about five inches at the time, I would say, with more coming down. Got myself put together and trudged across the alley for Morning Prayer in the cathedral. Then ventured out by car to hunt for some breakfast. In my AWD vehicle, the streets were not a problem, but there was evidence that others were not so lucky. Charlie Parker’s, my biscuits & gravy place, may have been open–their lot was plowed–but there were no cars, so I assumed the worst and moved on to IHOP way out on West Wabash. By the time I got back to the office, and shoveled a bit of snow around the garage door and between the office and the cathedral atrium, it was mid-morning, which I devoted the rest of to the finish work on my homily for tomorrow at the cathedral. Then it was down to McD’s for a snack-lunch. At 1:30, I participated in a meeting with three of our priests that was supposed to be in-person but morphed into a video conference because of the snow. We got done what needed to get done in about an hour. I attempted a walk, but the sidewalks are generally just too impassible. Opened a sermon file (prayed, clipped the readings into a document, made initial notes) on Epiphany VI (St Thomas’, Glen Carbon). Dealt by email with some Province V issues. Got another chunk of work done on my pastoral teaching on marriage document. Evening Prayer, a bit on the late side, in the cathedral. Dinner out a Longhorn, followed by a brief bit of shopping at HyVee.

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