Saturday (Martin Luther King)

Well, it isn’t like the pandemic hasn’t dominated our lives for nearly a month now, but, for me, the loss of the annual Chrism Mass, scheduled for this morning, brings the pain home in a fresh way, and it will only get more intense over the coming week. I am in profound grief over not being able to be and do what I am called to be and do. Today’s major accomplishments, were the recording, editing, uploading, and sharing of my Palm Sunday homily and a word of greeting to the congregation of St Paul’s Cathedral, Springfield. I also opened a sermon file on Easter V ( committing in prayer, taking a first pass at the readings, and making a few notes). In the evening, I adapted some materials for an at-home emulation of the Easter Vigil, which I will pass on to the clergy tomorrow, along with an extra Solemn Collect for use in the Good Friday liturgy, one that takes specific account of this time of plague.

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