Saturday (John Keble)

A very welcome slow-start morning at home. (Few thing make me feel rested more than a slow-start morning.) Lifted weights, then walk a brisk four miles outdoors. For some reason, I felt ten years younger on the walk. Had a spring in my step the whole way. Attended to some household chores in the afternoon. Then loaded up and headed east on I-72, Brenda with me. In Urbana, we paid a visit on our friend and Holy Trinity, Danville parishioner Marti Coffman, who has hit a bit of a bump with her health, but is in wonderful spirits. Then we met up with Fr Sean Ferrell and three members of the Chapel of St John the Divine vestry and, together, we toured a student housing facility operated by the Presbyterian campus ministry foundation. The leadership at the chapel is trying to plan strategically for the best use of their real estate assets (which are formidable), and are gathering ideas. Brenda and I then enjoyed a wonderful meal at a Chinese restaurant with Fr Sean and his wife Kiezha. Looking forward to tomorrow’s Refreshment Sunday visit to St John’s.

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