Saturday (Eve of All Hallows)

Up and out of my office encampment and across the alley to offer Morning Prayer at 0730, then to Hardee’s for some breakfast. After a bit of email, it was time to get ready for Fr Gus Franklin’s funeral Mass at 11:00. Lots of details whenever there’s a liturgy that is not completely routine. Fortunately, funerals are not quite “routine” in my experience. Everything went smoothly, and we gave Fr Gus a good sendoff. A nice luncheon reception followed (with appropriate precautions) next door at the Inn at 835. Then it was time to take Bishop Ackerman to the airport for his flight back to DFW. Back at office, I did the finish work on tomorrow’s homily. Can’t deny that I was dragging more than a little by then. Seeing people (even through masks) that I don’t often see was a really welcome thing (I *literally* “don’t get out much”). But I am still an introvert, and the whole experience was taxing. There was enough daylight for a substantial walk, so I took advantage. Prayed the evening office, then went out to feed myself, Most of the evening was spent organizing and stowing yesterdays “vestment bonanza.” The cathedral is housing most of them. Some are eventually headed to the chapel at Toddhall. It was a full day.

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