Saturday (All Souls)

  • Up and out of my office encampment, having offered Morning Prayer already, at 0800, making my way on foot the two miles to Charlie Parker’s for breakfast. Back in the office, having eaten well and logged my step quota for the day, by 10am.
  • Took care of some loose ends pertaining to yesterday’s Mission Strategy Report work.
  • Began poring over commentaries on Matthew, as part of preparing to preach on Advent II at St Barnabas;, Havana.
  • Broke off the attend the All Souls Day liturgy in the cathedral chapel.
  • Got back to my exegetical work.
  • Broke off again to pick up a late lunch from Taco Gringo and bring it back to the office, where I ate it while watching an episode of the new Jack Ryan season on Amazon Prime,
  • Back again to the Matthew commentaries, this time bringing my work to completion.
  • Scanned, categorized, and tagged the items in my physical inbox.
  • Wrote notes of greeting to clergy and spouses with nodal events in November.
  • Evening Prayer in the office.
  • Out for some pot stickers and broccoli at Fridays.
  • Spent most of the evening working on my next-due post for the Covenant blog.
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