• Got up and walked down toe Charlie Parker’s. Ate breakfast. Walked back. Reached and exceeded my 10,000 step daily goal.
  • Cleaned up. Read MP in the cathedral. Processed a handful of emails that were leftover from yesterday,
  • Kept and appointment with an Eastern Illinois University professor who is interested in organizing and helping lead an Anglican history tour to France and England for folks from the diocese. Perhaps this idea will grow some legs.
  • Ran some personal errands at Sam’s Club and Target, grabbing lunch from Wendy’s. Got the YFNBmobile washed.
  • Relaxed in my office in front of a Netflix TV show.
  • Scanned, categorized, and tagged the stack of items in my physical inbox.
  • Did some internet research on the Fresh Expressions movement, upon the recommendation of one of my colleague bishops.
  • Created and named a Dropbox folder on the diocesan account that is designated for archives–both scanned old items and electronic versions of new items. Archive management is not mission-critical, but it’s hugely considerate of those who come after us. I hope to think that future historiographers of the Diocese of Springfield will rise up and call us blessed.
  • Processed some more emails.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Read a canto in Dante’s Purgatorio. (I’ve been slogging through the Divine Comedy for some time now.)
  • Walked down to Bernie & Betty’s for a dinner of beef ravioli. Ran an errand to Schnucks. Watched some more Netflix. Recorded over 21,000 steps for the day–nearly 10 miles.
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