Up and out of the Hilton Garden in O’Fallon with Bishop Elias and Lucy in time for a 0930 arrival at Toddhall, where I immediately gave the rollo (talk) on the sacraments to this year’s weekend candidates. Had to be concise, as I could have spent that much time yet again without exhausting what I could readily say on the subject in one session. Moved from there immediately to the celebration of a votive Mass “For Vocation in Daily Work,” at which i presided and preached. After lunch, it was down to serious emailing with Communion Partner colleagues over General Convention strategy issues, with Bishop Elias as a consultant from time to time. I was able to step back into the main hall to listen to one of the other rollos before Fr Dave Halt arrived to retrieve the Chakupewas and ferry them up to Bloomington, where they will stay until Tuesday evening. In the meantime, Brenda and I headed east to Mt Vernon, where we are camped out at the Hampton Inn in advance of tomorrow’s visitation to St John’s, Albion. While at dinner at a local BBQ joint, we chanced to run into Fr Bill and Deacon Sylvia Howard, which was a delightful surprise.

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