I may be too old for this. Left the house right before 5am, headed for the airport in St Louis. Boarded an 8am flight to Dallas, that left 20 minutes late. Got to my connecting gate at DFW just in time to board a 38-minute hop up to Oklahoma City. Got a taxi to All Souls’ Church, arriving about an hour ahead of the 2pm scheduled funeral Mass for Bishop Bruce MacPherson, who was a saintly man, a strong shepherd-leader. Our most recent relationship was mutual service on the board of the Living Church Foundation, which he chaired until very recently. Bishop MacPherson died of an unusually acute iteration of leukemia, only about ten days after being diagnosed, and only a few months after “clean” blood work. We’re all scratching our heads. We gave him a good sendoff. Shared an Uber ride with the Bishop of Dallas back to the airport, and, when we had both cleared security, we had dinner together. Back to Dallas (another very short layover), back to St Louis, back to Lot A, where I had left my car (and after waiting too long for the shuttle in single-digit temperatures), and on to my room at the Hampton Inn in Glen Carbon, arriving around 11:30. Did I mention I might be getting too old for this?

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