Arrived with Brenda back at St Michael’s in time for Morning Prayer, and a last music rehearsal with the Michaelites. Taught them the Healy Willan Gloria, which is a bit challenging, but well-rewarding of the effort. They came through like champs. Celebrated a votive Mass “Of the Holy Angels” with the kids and some of their parents. Then we said goodbye. What a great week with everyone. I’m so excited about this ministry of the diocese.

Brenda and I enjoyed a leisurely lunch at Ruby Tuesday in Fairview Heights. Then, with time to kill, we spent an hour or so at the St Louis Zoo before heading to the airport. Our 5:49 departure to Atlanta was slightly delayed, but our scheduled 10:10 departure from Atlanta was delayed by about 45 minutes due to crew availability issues. This put us into Charleston at nearly midnight. By the time we got our luggage, into our rental car, and at the Hampton Inn in the historic part of the city, it was nearly 1:00 AM. Then we discovered that an inattentive TSA agent, having determined that I am not a terrorist, locked my suitcase. Since I don’t ever lock my suitcase, I had neither a key nor a combination. A helpful hotel maintenance employee solved our problem with a pair of bolt cutters. The TSA won’t be locking my suitcase anymore.

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