Back from a wonderful couple of days of personal and family time in Chicago, wherein I took in a Cubs game at Wrigley, attended a performance of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and met the latest addition to the family, little Harriet (“Hattie”) Lorell Solano Martins, born on May 31 to our son and his wife. She’sĀ amazing, even though that’s what you’d expect a grandfather to say, right?

Today I allowed myself a usual relaxed-pace Saturday morning, eventually getting around to a four-mile walk up to and around Washington Park. By the time I got back, it was time to clean up and pack and hit the road in a southeasterly direction. Presided and preached at the specially-timed celebration of the Eucharist at St Mary’s, Robinson, then visited with the folks over potluck, then privately with Mother Ann Tofani for a bit. It then took about an hour to drive down to my lodging in Mt Carmel, ahead of tomorrow’s visits to St John the Baptist there and to St John’s in Albion.

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