• At the cathedral-office complex around 9:20, and right away began the run-up to the liturgy at which we ordained David Wells to the priesthood. There are so many details prior to an event like this, that it feels like I never stop walking (and, at the end of the day, my pedometer bears that out). The ordination went splendidly in every department; I couldn’t have been more pleased. The post-liturgical reception was equally wonderful.
  • I left the area around 2:00, and headed home, where I had less than an hour to rest a bit, process some email, and packs for an overnight.
  • Hit the road with Brenda at 2:50 and landed at St George’s, Belleville at just the right interval ahead of their 5:00pm observance of Evening Prayer, at which I was the officiant. Most of the congregation were vestry members and spouses, who subsequently joined us for dinner at Bella Milano in O’Fallon. After dinner we joined two other couples for a libation at a beer bar next door to the restaurant. Conveniently, this was all just across the street from our reserved lodging at the Hilton Garden Inn.
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