Usual 7:30-9:00 committee meeting and later after noon legislative session. Get the details here.

It was a momentous feeling as the entire congregation was invited to be seated at the conclusion of the Eucharist as all the bishops filed out to waiting buses for the short journey to the nave of St Mark’s Cathedral. Once there, we did some singing, and the chaplains led us in prayer. Then the roll was called, just as it was at the opening session on Wednesday. This was to establish the number present and voting, and, hence, the number of votes needed for an election. We cast our ballots, and then just milled around for a bit, with most eventually making their way to the parish hall, where there was food and drink laid out for us. When I was about halfway through my ham sandwich, we were suddenly called back into the cathedral nave to hear the results of the first ballot. Once there, we were handed tally sheets with enough spaces for up to ten ballots. Then the Presiding Bishop calmly read the totals, and it was immediately evident that, for what is probably the first time ever, we had a first-ballot election, and by a huge margin. There was a spontaneous outburst of applause and cheering, after which we sang the iconic African-American hymn Lift every voice and sing. Then, of course, we had to sign the testimonials of election and send two emissaries to the House of Deputies with the news. Then we went back to finish our meals while we waited for news the the Deputies had ratified our election (of which there was never any doubt). Indeed, a little while later, we were summoned back into the nave again to greet three emissaries from the House Deputies, who bore the news that was fully expected.

A few of us then walked the five or so block back to the Salt Palace to be in the gallery of the House of Deputies as Bishop Curry and his family were introduced. It was clearly the election result that the overwhelming majority of that body had been looking for.

I went back to my room to change out of my formal attire into something more comfortable, then grabbed a snack back at the exhibit hall food court before heading back into the HOB for the late afternoon session.

When the day was done, tonight was our planned deputation dinner (my treat), at a Brazilian BBQ (churrascaria) restaurant called Texas de Brasil. If you like meat, there’s really nothing better.

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