Awoke in my Columbia, IL hotel room, and, as sometimes happens, it took me an uncomfortably long time, staring out the window, to recollect where I was and what day it was and what was expected of me next. But that was just a couple of moments. In due course I reported to Toddhall in time to be prayed over by the Palanca team (what a wonderful tradition of ministry this is) and then present the Sacraments rollo(Cursillo-speak for “talk”) for the weekend. After a break, there was some Q & A with the candidates and team members. Then we walked over to St Cecilia’s Chapel for a celebration of the Eucharist, at which I presided and preached. With that concluded, I pointed the YFNBmobile northward, arriving home around 2:30. After a good, hard nap, I attacked some of the less mentally-demanding items still remaining on my task list for the week before going out to dinner with Brenda (Smokey Bones).

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