• After breakfast, I finished processing the pile of emails that had accumulated during my time at the St Michael’s Conference, some of which were resolved on the spot and some of which became tasks with future start dates.
  • By mid-morning, I was ready for a long, vigorous walk, in conditions that were already hot and muggy.
  • After cooling off on the front porch while watching a small thunderstorm blow through, it was time for a shower and lunch.
  • Settled down to refine and print my homily for tomorrow, at Holy Trinity, Danville.
  • Succumbed to the urge for another fairly major nap; second day in a row.
  • Back to the task list, which included finally resolving travel plans to Peru next month. following links to a couple of online articles I’ve been meaning to read, and disposing of some leaves that had accumulated on the bedroom balcony.
  • After dinner, it was routine household financial chores.
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