At the Round House by 8:45ish, in anticipation of a big morning. Both the Commission on Ministry and the Standing Committee met, and both interviewed three individuals who are interacting with the ordination process in various ways. In addition, both bodies had some regular business to attend to. I ended up shuttling between the two, and spending bits of time with the potential ordinands as well. We were all finished a little past 1:00. I stayed around to finish refining and printing my homily for tomorrow (Trinity, Jacksonville), then came home, stopping by ChiTown’s Finest to pick up an Italian beef. Such mornings tax my introversion severely, so, after eating lunch, I went down for a hard nap. Later in the afternoon, I began chipping away at other odds and ends–final prep for my participation in the St Michael’s Youth Conference that begins tomorrow, refining plans for the Peru visit, and other bits of administrivia and pastoralia. Nice long walk through Washington Park as dusk approached.

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