We had the morning to ourselves (which I used for a combination of relaxation and email processing), and were picked up for lunch by Fr George and Jill Woodliff. After lunch, Brenda went shopping (lots of quaint curios in a town like Yazoo City) and I worked a bit on my Cuba travelogue. Between 2:30 and 4:00 I met with Fr Woodliff on a range of concerns, then met for an hour or so with tomorrow’s three confirmands and the parents/godparents of the little girl being baptized. After yet another brief period of downtime at the hotel, we were picked up for dinner at the home of a parishioner who is also a talented chef and restaurant owner, so the fried catfish was delectable, and the company of vestry members and spouses delightful. Looking forward to worshiping with them tomorrow.

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