Upon awakening, the wisdom of yesterday’s decision to cancel this morning’s scheduled Diocesan Council meeting was apparent, as there was nearly a foot of fresh snow on the ground. After allowing myself to just laze around for a while, I suited up appropriately and engaged the snow blower (first time this season). After a few hiccups, it started, and I was able to make short work of the very fine powdery snow that lay on the driveway. As the day progressed, the temperature rose enough to melt off even the detritus of the morning’s efforts. That meant that, by 4 o’clock, when we rolled out for points south, it was completely clear. The same can be said for all the roads between Springfield and Alton, which was suffering from freezing rain only last night. We arrived at the (surprisingly now former) Holiday Inn in time to rest up a bit before enjoying dinner on the same site with the vestry, search committee, and assorted spouses of the Episcopal Parish of Alton (St Paul’s Church and Trinity Chapel).

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