• Got to the Cathedral/Roundhouse complex around 9:30 there. Found several members of Diocesan Council already there and milling about.
  • Presided and preached the scheduled 10am Mass. The first reading in the weekday Eucharistic lectionary was from III John, which I do not believe ever comes up on a Sunday, so it was a new experience to preach from it.
  • Presided at the quarterly Diocesan Council meeting. It went most expeditiously, and we were wrapped up by a little past 11:30.
  • A number of impromptu sidebar conversations always happen on these occasions, and everyone wants to leverage the fact that they’ve already made a drive to Springfield.
  • Joined the scheduled meeting of the Standing Committee. Informally, we had some bishop-with-council-of-advice time. Formally, the committee approved the ordination of Cameron Nations to the (transitional) diaconate.
  • Conferred briefly with a member of the Standing Committee on a pastoral/administrative issue.
  • Drove down to Subway and grabbed a sandwich for lunch. Brought it back to the office to consume.
  • Kept a 1:30 appointment with an individual who is a potential discerner for the ordination process as a deacon.
  • After getting home, spent the remaining daylight hours on … leaf abatement.
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