• The Pitts birthday gang (about 250) gathered in Hamilton’s Holy Trinity Cathedral at 10 for an awards ceremony and a Mass. Citations for the six Pitts Family Foundation honorees (some pretty impressive people) were read, medals and checks presented, and short acceptance remarks given. Some significant money will be “paid forward” to some very worthwhile recipients and causes. Bishop Jenkins then presided and preached at the Eucharist. I was vested and read the gospel.
  • Brenda and I were honored to be included in an elegant luncheon for the award recipients and other participants in the liturgy. I enjoy conversation with people who are leaders in fields I know nothing about.
  • Long nap and a bit of email processing, but it seemed way too soon when we had to get ready for dinner. There was an outdoor cocktail reception at which we were entertained at some length by the Bermuda Regimental Band, then dinner, requisite birthday toasts, remarks by the Birthday Boy, and a magic show. The evening was capped off by a fireworks display over Hamilton Harbor.
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