Yesterday went smoothly at first. The spring meeting of the Living Church Foundation board convened around 8:15am at the Church of the Incarnation in Dallas, and we finished all the business on our agenda by noon. After enjoying lunch together, I headed off in my rental car with a board colleague to DFW airport, jumped through all the hoops, boarded my flight to Chicago, and arrived at O’Hare around 5:15. I had a four hour layover before the puddle jump to Springfield, and was successfully killing time walking and reading (not at the same time) when I received a message on my phone a little past 7:30 that the flight had been cancelled. Mechanical issues. Color me suspicious, but there wasn’t much to do except high-tail it to the car rental area, procure a vehicle, and point it south. Fortified with ample caffeine, I made the drive from the O’Hare Oasis on I-294 to my home in Springfield in three hours flat, arriving practically right at the stroke of 1am. I was motivated.

Today I rested some, walked some, shopped some, ran some errands (which included exchanging the rental car for my own and grabbing my luggage from the successful arrival of a flight from O’Hare), unpacked, put the finishing touches on tomorrow’s sermon, processed my email inbox, organized my tasks, packed yet again, and headed south to the Hilton Garden in O’Fallon, ready to celebrate the Fourth Sunday of Easter (which coincides with a popular secular observance) tomorrow at St George’s, Belleville.

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