Arrived at the cathedral-office complex around 9am to begin to get ready for the 11am Chrism Mass. Read Morning Prayer in the cathedral. Got straight in my mind some choreography details for the liturgy. Took care of some last minute physical preparations. Conferred with Barber Potts, the Head Verger of the cathedral on some pertinent details. Greeted clergy and spouses as they began to arrive. Presided and preached at what turned out to be a quite lively service. I find it very moving to be together with the clergy. I see each of them individually and serially, but it’s a different experience to be simultaneous and plenary. After Mass we enjoyed our customary repast, this time in the Round House. Then I met privately with one of our clerics for an extended discussion of the congregation he serves. When that meeting concluded, I turned my attention to tomorrow’s homily, which still needed to be refined and printed. After stopping for gas, it was nearly 4pm before I got home. When I’d had a chance to rest some, I took a long walk–though not a hard one, as I never did achieve my usual cruising speed today. It was more like a four mile stroll.

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