• Nice long and brisk walk in the morning on a well-traveled bicycle trail. I experienced the first stirrings of desire for a bicycle. Where might this lead?
  • Participated in a scheduled substantive phone conversation wearing my Nashotah House board chairman hat. I think it went very well.
  • Worked on some final remaining loose ends that had to be tied up before I can feel myself officially on vacation. 
  • Since I was reasonably successful in the endeavor, I will now be “going dark” in this venue for the duration. Look for another post on August 6th, the Feast of the Transfiguration and my first day back in the office. Brenda and I will be enjoying a mix of “staycation” at home–catching up on household projects and a lot of reading, hanging out with our children in Chicago, and a rental in Nova Scotia (an old Anglican church, to be precise!).
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