Saturday (12th Day of Christmas)

  • MP in the cathedral around 0800. Then off for biscuits & gravy at my new “regular” Saturday morning haunt, Charlie Parker’s.
  • I decided to take advantage of a postponed afternoon meeting and devote most of the day to the project of producing a substantive pastoral teaching document on sexuality and marriage. It’s the kind of thing that requires a big block of time for sustained focus and research, which doesn’t just happen–moments must be seized, and I seized this one. I’m happy with what I got done.
  • In the midst of that, I did manage a major walk–east on Lawrence to Sixth, north all the way the North Grand Avenue, west to Second, and back down.
  • Dinner at O’Charley’s.
  • Spent the bulk of the evening writing out greetings to clergy and spouses with birthdays and anniversaries in January.
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