Took care of a short list of pastoral-administrative chores in the morning. Did my Bowflex workout. Hung out with the kids for a bit. Packed and hit the road south at 12:45. Pulled into the office parking lot in Springfield a little past 4:00.  Scurried around downtown and the west side going to three different INB location before successfully (I hope) depositing (via the “night” depository) some checks that I’ve been holding because they’re too large to deposit remotely. In the process, I grabbed an early dinner in a newly-OK outdoor setting. (Hand sanitizer required before being seated, masked servers, the nearest seated customer around twelve feet away from me.) Back at the office, I reached out by phone to a cleric of the diocese who’s had a death in the family, did the finish work on tomorrow’s homily (St Paul’s, Alton), surveyed the state of my discretionary fund and made some decisions, and made a dent in helping Canon Evans with the project of sorting and culling a bunch of books and other materials that no longer need to be taking up prime space in the conference room.

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