• Up and out the door around 9:30. Mingled in the diocesan office/cathedral parking lot with members of Diocesan Council as they began to arrive.
  • Participated in the Eucharist as part of the congregation, grateful to Fr Roderick’s willingness to celebrate and preach. 
  • Presided over the regular quarterly meeting of the Diocesan Council, aware that everyone these was probably grateful that they’re only quarterly (in many dioceses, Council meets monthly). It was a good meeting, as far as the current structure allow for such things. But the time approaches for us to turn up the flame under the process of re-writing our diocesan constitution and canons.
  • Home for lunch, nap, and a walk. It was a beautiful fall day … except that it’s May.
  • Worked through some emails … one series involving setting up a “makeup” visitation for one lost to my illness.
  • Out to dinner at a Mexican place we hadn’t tried yet–Los Agaves. We liked it.
  • Spent the evening putting meat on the bones of a sermon outline for Pentecost (next Sunday at Holy Trinity, Danville).
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