In view of my early start yesterday, I allowed myself a modest “lie-in” (as the Brits would say), emerging to go say my prayers in the cathedral around 0830. Then off to Charlie Parker’s for breakfast. Back in the office, I worked on processing the accumulated hard-copy on my desk until my 1100 appointment arrived. It was Fr Mark Evans, newly-appointed Canon-to-the-Ordinary. This was pretty much a first “on-boarding” conversation, and lasted a couple of hours. Off to Chick-Fil-A for lunch, followed by a small but of personal shopping at Office Depot and Meijer. Back at the office once again, I finished the desktop clearing I’d begun earlier, and carried on an email conversation (with a very happy outcome) about the music for the Society of King Charles the Martyr Annual Mass we are hosting on February 1. Then out for a long and brisk walk as the afternoon faded. It was the first time in several days that I’ve felt well enough to do this. I then did some more administrative followup on the personnel change, with a long memo to the Administrator covering various points. Penned a note to a friend who has been elected bishop, but whose consecration I will not be able to attend. It was about 7pm by the time I’d broken camp and loaded the car. Drove the four blocks down to Bernie & Betty’s for ravioli, then up to Lincoln to get settled for the night at the Hampton Inn.

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