Presentation, aka Candlemas

Worked hard and rejoiced harder. In Charleston, SC for my DEPO visit to the Church of the Holy Communion. Preached at the 8am Mass, led the adult class (50-60 in the room). Presided, preached, baptized, and confirmed at the 10:30am Solemn High Mass. Hung out at a food-laden coffee hour talking to people. This is an iconic parish that has been through a very difficult time amid all the fissiparousness within Anglicanism of late, but they are coming through it with a wonderful vibrancy that is a joy to see. Lots and lots of young people flocking to what is, by any measure, an ultra-conservative Anglo-Catholic liturgical ethos. It’s an honor to be associated with them.

After trying and failing to lower the top on our rented convertible (the day was certainly nice to enough to generate the temptation), we drove back to the hotel, rested a bit, then took a long walk over to the waterfront area, then down East Bay Street as far as Queen, stopping for a libation and appetizer at a brewery/barbecue joint. We walked up King Street back to our hotel, rested some more, then walked back down to Queen Street (taking Meeting this time to vary the scenery) for our 7pm dinner reservation at 82 Queen. We counted this an early celebration of Brenda’s birthday. If it sounds like we’ve been doing a lot of eating while in Charleston, it’s because … that’s what one does when one comes to Charleston! The place is crawling with superb restaurants.

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