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Arabic N Symbolizing Christian Persecution AwarenessWhat is this unusual yellow symbol? It is the letter “n” in Arabic. Persecutors of Christians in Iraq and elsewhere use it to mark the homes of “Nazarenes,” their pejorative term for Christians. When their homes are marked, it makes it easier to round up Christians for the latest round of hostilities: be it beheadings, rapes, kidnapping, or shake-downs. Coincidentally reminiscent of the yellow stars that Jews were forced to wear during the Holocaust, the symbol has been adopted by supporters to show our solidarity with those who are suffering so.

The purpose is to raise awareness for the steadily-increasing level of suffering inflicted upon our Christian brothers and sisters worldwide. As Paul wrote in the First Letter to the Corinthians, “If any member suffers, we all suffer.” Thanks go to Bishop Martins and the Communications department for their support of this endeavor.

Future content will focus on the unique situations in the many countries where Christians are being persecuted. In the meanwhile, if you would like to receive a postcard-sized symbol like the one at the top of this column, please indicate how many cards you would like in an email (including your snail address) to: Tiffany Tergussen at, with “Nazarene” as the subject. There is no charge for the cards.

By placing the card in our car window or church bulletin board, we can help raise awareness of the plight of our faith’s newest martyrs. Please keep them in your prayers, that they will persevere, receive necessary provisions, and find protection.

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