Up and out of my office encampment around 0700. Devotions and MP in the cathedral. Chicken biscuit from Hardee’s, then south on I-55 and Ilinois 140 to St Paul’s, Alton, Celebrated and preached with a skeleton crew of six people in the (relatively large) church, but with many others watching via Facebook Live. Then, successive groups of eight parishioners were welcomed into the church, assuming marked distanced locations in the front of the nave. After a collect and an Our Father, I administered Holy Communion (one kind) to them. I am not normally given to tears, but this experience completely got to me. It’s a good thing I was wearing a disposable face mask, because it got a little wet. I hadn’t anticipated being so utterly moved, but after nearly three months … well, it was overwhelming … for me, certainly, and also for many who attended. We then enjoyed a distanced and masked (and coffee-less!) coffee hour in the garden on a beautiful morning. It was all pure gold, and pure gift of grace. Arrived back home a few minutes before 6:00, having gotten thoroughly absorbed by a new audio book.

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