Palm Sunday

Preached at 8am and preached/celebrated at 10:30 at St Paul’s cathedral. It’s always a joy to be in my “home” church for Holy Week.

After a meal and nap (with the classic film Roman Holiday on in the background), Brenda and I hit the road southbound to St Luke’s Hospital in suburban St Louis to look in on Bishop Ed Salmon (retired of South Carolina, former Board Chair and long-term interim Dean of Nashotah House, and canonically resident in Springfield), who is trying the sort out some complications from treatment for prostate cancer. Unfortunately, he was undergoing a long battery of tests, so we didn’t get to spend much time with him–just a short time of prayer before they stuck him back in an imaging tube. Please hold him in your prayers, as he is very uncomfortable.

In the meantime, Chris DeWitt snapped this photo yesterday that looks like a portrait but is actually candid. Then photographic artist Richard Hill, seeing it on Facebook, tuned it into black and white, to rather stunning effect, I think.


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