Ordination Process Hold

We are in the midst of a significant transition in the life of the Diocese of Springfield. In the coming months, we will narrow the field of nominees for the episcopal office and finally elect the one whose ministry will lead us in the season to come. It is a time of discernment, of waiting and listening to the movement of the Lord.

That is the same model which we will be taking with respect to the ordination process: waiting and listening to the Lord. Effective immediately, those in the process who are not already ordained deacon and assigned to congregations will be placed on hold until such time as the next Bishop of Springfield may have the opportunity to speak into the life of the Diocese, the ordination process, and those discerning a call to holy orders.

We recognize that this may be a source of disappointment for some, but please note, this does not mean that those in the process will have to restart or redo previous steps. Aside from those exceptions noted above, the status of aspirants, postulants, candidates, and deacons (in transition) will remain unchanged, and those already pursuing formation will continue to do so.

In the meantime, we will be inviting all those who are already in or considering the ordination process to meet with our assisting bishop, the Right Reverend Paul Lambert. Bishop Lambert will provide a voice of wisdom and experience to speak into the vocations under discernment as he listens with a pastor’s ear and heart. In addition to the formal meetings, Bishop Lambert will also be available for ongoing counsel.

We are committed to renewing a clear and healthy ordination process in conjunction with the 12th Bishop of Springfield as soon as possible. We trust that God is already raising up in our midst the next cadre of clerical leaders within the Diocese of Springfield, and we pray for those godly men and women now and in the days to come.

In Christ,
The Standing Committee