News from Tabora

Bishop Daniel received this message this morning from Bishop Elias Chakupwea of our companion diocese of Tabora (Tanzania):

Dear brother and friend Bishop Daniel,
Please, we are asking for your prayers, the situation is not good in Tabora. Our people are facing a very severe hunger. I have been living in Tabora for almost 32 years and I have never seen a bag of maize (Corn 100kg) being sold at a price of 105.000 TShilings!  Maize and other plantations are getting dry, it is really sad!

At the beginning of the year we had a very good rain, but now for almost three weeks now there is no even a single cloud in the sky! The sun is to much hot that I have never never experience a situation like this!. We had some beautiful peace of maize plantation at my compound, it is now getting dry completely. Keep praying for us.

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