• Usual early morning committee meeting. Most of it was dedicated to intense and emotional debate over A049, the enabling resolution for the rite for same-sex marriage. I’m grateful that we managed to build in strong safeguards in the language to protect the conscience of theological minorities. But I’m still deeply saddened by the outcome.
  • Once again, took the slot dedicated to daily Eucharist for some personal down time, which is hugely necessary.
  • The morning legislative session was fairly uneventful. See here for a fuller account of both the morning and afternoon sessions.
  • Lunch with Communion Partners bishops, clergy, and laity. It ended up being SRO, but the room was not that big–I think there were four round tables that may have seated 8-10, plus some chairs along the perimeter walls. Comparing this to the overflow crowds we had in a nearby church for “alternative” Eucharists and informational lunches in 2003 in Minneapolis and 2006 in Columbus, and it is painfully obvious what has happened to the conservative wing of the Episcopal Church.
  • The afternoon session brought with it consideration of the rite for same-sex marriage. Bishops from the minority party were well-prepped with talking points, and we pretty much managed to get them all in. Failure was not unexpected, but is nonetheless difficult in the moment.
  • In the evening, there was a dinner for bishops and spouses (though I went stag, as Brenda has returned home), during which we honored those who are retiring before the House of Bishops meets again next March.
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