Monday (St Patrick)

A grueling and demanding day, with my poor introversion taxed to the max. But I came home with that “good kind of tired.”

  • In the exercise area of our finished basement by 7:15–weights and treadmill.
  • Two hours later, after a shower and breakfast, off to the cathedral/office complex with Brenda.
  • I do fewer funerals now since I changed the color of my shirt three years ago, but my instincts said to get there 90 minutes early even though I didn’t have a specific agenda for being there that early. My instincts served me well. There was stuff to do at every turn.
  • We had a capacity congregation at St Paul’s Cathedral for Fr Roderick’s funeral, with a fine turnout of diocesan clergy, plus priests and deacons and a bishop from the Diocese of Quincy (ACNA), and some ecumenical dignitaries as well. The music was splendid. As always, the Prayer Book burial office simply “worked”–it bears the freight that needs to be borne on such occasions with surpassing loveliness.
  • Burial was at Oak Ridge Cemetery about three miles north of the cathedral. The gravesite has a clear sight line to Lincoln’s Tomb, which would have pleased Keith immensely. We did was needed to be done, difficult as it was, and returned for lunch, with the venue spread around various parts of the Cathedral and Roundhouse facilities. I finally got home around 3:30, and pretty much collapsed.
  • In the evening I worked on this week’s Lenten series presentation, processed some emails, and organized my work for the next couple of days.
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