Monday (St Ignatius of Antioch)

Lots of driving today. First, to St John’s Hospital for a diagnostic procedure (trying to chase down a possible kidney issue), then a mad dash to St Paul’s, Carlinville to preside at the Requiem of Sandy Henry, wife of Fr John Henry, the rector. Good to connect with a bunch of people, but a sad context for doing so. Back home to Springfield to drop Brenda off and grab a different selection of vestments, then another mad dash to Mt Zion (east of Decatur) for the burial, but not before being made late by a train stopped blocking a major artery for over 20 minutes. Back home, where I changed clothes, repacked, did a bit of email processing, and hit the road north again, this time to my daughter’s apartment in Chicago, where I’m dropping off some of her belongings that were stored at our house, and spending the night ahead of tomorrow’s appearance at Nashotah House for a Board of Directors meeting.

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