Monday (Martyrs of Lyons)

Up and out a couple of hours early, aiming for the 6:32 northbound Amtrak departure from Springfield (which didn’t actually leave until almost 7:00). The Lincoln Service is pretty much wi-fi enabled these days, so, with my Macbook, I was able to be fairly productive, which has the added advantage of making the travel time seem to pass quickly. Arriving at Union Station in Chicago about 10:30, I hiked the eight blocks or so to the CTA Blue Line station on Dearborn near Jackson Blvd. and rode the train out to Rosemont, whereupon, in deference to the threatening weather, I grabbed a taxi for the final jaunt to the Sheraton on Manheim Road. Beginning with lunch, the bishops of Province V (most of us, at any rate) came together, as is our wont a couple of times a year, for loosely-structured conversation over a 24-hour period. We discussed the Title IV disciplinary canons (which nobody seems to like), the way business comes before the committees of General Convention, confirmation practices (most bishops would like to have regional confirmation services, while most clergy and laity would like them in parishes on Sunday morning), and other things. We’ll pick it up again tomorrow morning.

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