Another “day at the office.”

  • Committee meeting from 0730-1000. I can’t take very much more of getting to work this early. Today was spiced up by a torrential downpour right when we needed to start walking over the the Hilton. So I called an Uber, and arrived in the meeting somewhat drier than many of the committee members.
  • Legislative session 1030–1245, which keeping an eye on Twitter for news of the HOD’s consideration of B012. (See here for more of the details.) We plowed through a legislative calendar that was relatively mundane and non-controversial. To my dismay, there was an item on the consent calendar (so, no debate, and several resolutions bundled together) that demanded “full reproductive care” be covered in all employee healthcare plans (read: contraception and abortion). With embarrassment for my church, I voted No.
  • Brenda and I grabbed some Mexican for lunch at Uncle Julio’s.
  • Back to legislative session from 2:15-5:00. The last hour or so of that time slot was devoted to the resolution on Prayer Book revision.
  • Back to the room to begin my blogging until stepping out at 9:00 for a Communion Partners caucus, with a break with Brenda for dinner at the Thai restaurant across the street from our hotel.
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