Mostly a travel day, with some sermon prep, email processing, and task planning squeezed in here and there. Our departure itinerary from Charleston was at a humane hour (11:30), so we had time for a civilized morning of packing, breakfast, and a little work, before having to head to the airport. Gassed up the rental car, turned it in, checked our bags, and boarded, all in good order. The view of a frozen Lake Michigan on approach to O’Hare was stunning. Our four hour layover was productively spent, thanks to the wifi connection available in the United Club. I feel like my grip on things is a little more secure, which is a relief. The major angst of the day was when we found finding a taxi at SPI after claiming our luggage inordinately difficult. (The YFNBmobile was parked at the Amtrak station owing to our outbound flight being canceled last Friday morning.) All ended well, but it was frustrating in the moment. Home literally just for a few hours, because, airline gods willing, I’m on the early flight out tomorrow, headed for Pittsburgh to give the Ash Wednesday quiet day at Trinity School for Ministry.

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