Mission Gift for Christ the King, Normal

by Father John Richmond
Christ the King, Normal
We received a $500 Mission and Ministry grant from the diocese, and the Mission Leadership Team voted to match the amount.

Here I am handing over $1,000 to Mo. Mollie for the Caring Hearts program, administered by the Spiritual Care Department at Carle BroMenn Medical Center!

Caring Hearts generally is funded by in-house and/or in-department fundraising, without donations from the public.  The fund provides for (for example): gas money for patients or their families; a motel room for a patient’s family members who have come from out of town, who would otherwise spend the night in a waiting room; smaller medical devices, like a nebulizer, for patients leaving the hospital but who can’t afford one, or whose insurance doesn’t cover, such things; a sack of groceries to take home for patients who just need something to get by until they can get to the store or someone can shop for them; reading glasses, when patients need help but don’t necessarily have vision care; and any other things that people need but simply can’t get or can’t afford easily.

When Mo. Mollie first told me about this eons ago, I was reminded that in Peoria there is a Ronald McDonald House and Neighborhood House, which both provide rooms for the night and food at a reasonable rate for family members who need to be in Peoria with hospitalized folks, but who don’t have the wherewithal.  B-N doesn’t have those same services.  When I brought the idea for the grant to the MLT, they spontaneously decided to match the grant!

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