Meet Our New Communications Coordinator

Communications Coordinator Paige Daugherty

This is Paige Daugherty. She’s the new Communications Coordinator for the Diocese of Springfield. Paige is a native of Springfield and a graduate of Sacred Heart-Griffin High School. In 2016, she received her bachelor’s degree in communication from Illinois State University, so she’s excited to have her first job in her chosen field.

We’ve never had such a position before, so Paige and all of us who tend to hang out here in the office are learning the details of her job together. But here are the broad strokes:

  • Manage and develop this website, and assist the Eucharistic Communities of the diocese in developing theirs. (We can sub-host on our domain.)
  • Manage the diocesan Facebook page.
  • Assemble content, edit, and publish the Springfield Current (or whatever hard-copy publication we have going forward).
  • Manage our diocesan database, and exploit it for a more robust regimen of email communication.
  • Help us develop a coordinated communication strategy across all these platforms.
  • Assist YFNB in the production, editing, and dissemination of catechetical video resources.
  • Of course … the ubiquitous “other duties as assigned.”

Paige’s spot on the diocesan email planet is When you get a chance, drop her a line and make her feel welcome.


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