Maundy Thursday

  • Usual Thursday morning date with my treadmill.
  • Morning Prayer in the office (church was being cleaned).
  • Puttered around with the Provost and a couple of sacristan/altar guild types making physical preparations and talking through logistics for tonight’s Maundy Thursday liturgy.
  • Surfed through commentaries on the 14th chapter of St John’s gospel in preparation for preaching on VI Easter (May 1 at Redeemer, Cairo).
  • Plotted and scheduled necessary actions in preparation for two ordinations coming up in May.
  • Lunch at home, leftovers.
  • Made car rental arrangements in Dallas for the Living Church Foundation board meeting late next month,
  • Discussed with the Administrator some details concerning the contract with the database software vendor whose customer we are about to become.
  • Poked around the website of a training program–out of the diocese but nearby–that might be a solution for one of our diaconal postulants.
  • Responded to a couple of pastoral care situations via email.
  • Hand-wrote notes to clergy and spouses with nodal events in April.
  • Drove up to Hardee’s on Jefferson for a ham sandwich and some jalapeno poppers
  • Evening Prayer in the office.
  • Conducted a brief liturgy rehearsal with the sanctuary party at 6:00. Stepped back across the alley for a bit more email processing and, finally, vesting.
  • Presided at a lovely and well-executed Maundy Thursday liturgy. The Provost delivered a fine homily The choir was superb. Feet were washed and the Lord’s Supper was celebrated. We did our jobs and the Lord was honored.
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