Maundy Thursday

Much of my day was devoted to simply … observing the day. We have a mostly-dedicated room for prayer and worship in our apartment (I’ve actually always wanted a home chapel), but it’s not very well-appointed, still very much a work in progress, which, under normal circumstances, is fine. But now it’s being used for regular celebrations of the Eucharist, and with some extra bells and whistles needed for the Triduum. So there was a bit of work just figuring how to adapt things to these miniaturized and ill-equipped circumstances. The Lord provides! Mid-afternoon, Brenda and I had a Maundy Thursday celebration with all the requisite parts. I still have a deep sense that I’m doing so very much for and (spiritually) with the whole community of the Diocese of Springfield, even as we shelter at home outside the diocese. I’m grateful for this much. In other news, we noticed a moth problem in our coat closet recently, so another chunk of time was spent remediating that issue (which had the side-benefit of culling the closet of unused and unnecessary items); we’ll have a big load for the thrift store when we’re allowed to do such things. I also dove deeply into a commentary on John 14 in preparation for not preaching at Redeemer, Cairo on Easter V (May 10).

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