The Lord’s Day (III Pentecost)

Arose at a seemly hour in my Mt Carmel guest accommodations (courtesy of some hospitable parishioners), and hit the road about 15 miles west to Albion, where the good people of St John’s had agreed to move their accustomed 9:00 Mass to 8:30 for the same of my schedule. Shared Word and Sacrament with them, and visited for a while over a light repast in their right-sized parish hall. There are some solid and faithful disciples among this small band under the devoted pastoral care of Fr Bill Howard. Then I retraced the miles to Mt Carmel and the regular Sunday liturgy at St John the Baptist, pushed 30 minutes to 11am. I cannot fail to mention how well this group sings; they outshine some much larger congregations in that department! Fr Brant Hazelett takes good pastoral care of them. After some delicious potluck ham, I began the nearly 200 mile trek home a bit past 12:30, entertained by a Cubs game on the radio. While I did not enjoy the outcome, that sort of thing is very effective in making the time feel like it’s passing more quickly. Home right at 5:00.

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