Join St. Michael’s Church, O’Fallon, on an Odyssey of Faith, Culture, and History

Join St. Michael’s Church, O’Fallon, on an Odyssey of Faith, Culture, and History!

We have joined with Insiders Tours for a Greek Odyssey, September 18th to September 27th 2019. This means departing the US on September 17th and returning on September 27th 2019. If you’ve wanted to walk the ancient Agora of Athens and visualize where Christianity was introduced to its citizens, marvel at the imposing Parthenon crowning the capital city for ages, and retrace the steps of early Christian development, we invite you to join us. Travel through Athens, Thessaloniki, and Kavala while visiting the various settlements where St. Paul lived amongst new believers; see the location where the first European woman, St. Lydia, was baptized; and enjoy the peaceful serenity of some of the most spiritual sanctuaries in Meteora? To end the Odyssey with rest and reflection, we’ll spend a few vacation days on the beautiful volcanic island of Santorini. 

We look forward to experiencing this time with our sister churches and their parishioners in Greece as we blend a journey of faith with a vacation of a lifetime. This Odyssey is for family travelers, couples, and solos! The cost is $2,500.00 per person and includes all land/tour transfers, lodging, various meals, all excursions and entrance feel (airfare extra). You can register directly at or call 800-395-9438 (ask for Aleka) for more information.

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