Independence Day

  • Up and out in time to hit the registration desk shortly after 7am (Eastern Time, of course), get oriented to the convention space, and find my committee room for an 8am meeting.
  • Committee 13 (Prayer Book, Liturgy, and Church Music) spent about two hours getting organized, plotting our hearing schedule, etc., and then realized that we were a meeting in search of a purpose, since we are prohibited from actually discussing and debating legislation until after we have held hearings.
  • So we adjourned early, which gave me time to find Brenda and begin poking around the Exhibit Hall.
  • At 2pm, both Houses met in joint session to hear addresses from the Presiding Bishop and the President of the House of Deputies.
  • Then the bishops were exiled to our proper chamber, where we took care of some housekeeping announcements and orientation to the procedures of the House.
  • Then it was back to the committee room, where we held hearings on a bunch of mostly non-controversial resolutions, and then acted on them. I did not personally fare well, being on the losing side of many votes, and having a substantive amendment to a resolution shot down. Read about it here.
  • The hearing lasted until 7. Then it was back to the room to change quickly, retrieve Brenda, and head to the Class of 2011 bishops and spouses dinner. A wonderful time, capped off by watching fireworks while walking back to the hotel from the restaurant.
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