Independence Day

Took care of some home front items before packing and heading south at 11:00. Had a scheduled conversation with a priest of the diocese along the way. With a stop for lunch and gas in Dwight, I arrived at the Diocesan Center at 2:30. My main job in the office was to do the finish work on this weekend’s homily and get it printed. Mission accomplished. Changed out of my comfy traveling clothes and into my less comfy working clothes. Drove the 30 miles to the Decatur area and checked in at the Hampton Inn in Forsythe, a Decatur suburb. Got somewhat settled in the room, then drove the 3.5 miles to St John’s, arriving 30 minutes ahead of the scheduled 5:00 Eucharist. Visited a bit with Interim Rector Gene Stormer. Presided and preached the Mass. Visited, at an appropriate distance, and wearing masks, with a handful of parishioners. Back up to Forsythe for my first indoor restaurant dinner since March 7. Other diners were 15 or 20 feet away from, and servers were masked. Macon County is “green,” which means the virus is considered “close to containment.” I felt more than reasonably safe and really enjoyed the meal.

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