Holy Saturday/Easter Eve

Up and out early for a Saturday, arriving at the office/cathedral complex around 8:30. By 9:00, most of the members of the Altar Guild and Flower Guild had arrived, and we were ready to start the morning’s work. But first we gathered in the choir for the brief but arresting Proper Liturgy for Holy Saturday, with an ancient anonymous homily about the harrowing of hell in the place of the sermon. This is one of my very favorite things to do. I managed to putter, either in the church or in the office, until a little past noon, at which time I came home for lunch after ordering online from Smashburger. Back to the cathedral (via Walgreens to pick up some flashlights and batteries for tonight) in time for a 2pm appointment to prepare a very bright nine-year old girl for her first Holy Communion, then a 3pm rehearsal for the participants in the Easter Vigil liturgy. Around 4:15, I was able to come home, where I napped, watched a little TV, ate dinner and then headed back with Brenda for her 7pm call time with the choir. We got through the Vigil in fine form, but had to do a little improvising when it came time for the baptisms and nobody had remembered to put the requisite pitcher of water by the fond. I’ll just say that I am now aware of an added advantage to having holy water stoups installed near the doors of churches. What a joy to initiate two young women in their teens into the Body of Christ. Home before 11. Back at it tomorrow.

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