Here I Am, For You Called Me

Here I Am, For You Called Me

Just as Samuel answered God’s call in the Old Testament, Cursillistas must answer that call now. A Cursillista is someone who has made a Cursillo weekend. Cursillo 37 is approaching and there are many ways for Cursillistas to serve the Cursillo community.

One possible way to serve is to consider sponsoring a candidate to the next Cursillo weekend. This is considered the heart and soul of the Cursillo Movement. Each person who has made a weekend had been invited by another Cursillista who thought highly of their leadership ability.

Opportunities to provide Palanca throughout the weekend are endless. One way is to gather the Cursillistas within the parish families to host a Palanca party or two. Individually, Cursillistas can begin gathering supplies to create their own Palanca at home. Items that might be useful for the weekend can be gathered and brought down to Toddhall through members of the weekend team.

At any time, the Fourth Day is always welcome to offer assistance on the weekend. This, too, is considered Palanca because it is self-sacrifice. Cursillistas are needed to set up the supplies in each area and then again, to return the supplies to their allotted storage areas at the end of the weekend. Most Cursillistas are familiar with the Agape Dinner on Saturday. Assistance is needed to decorate the dining hall and then to tear down the decorations afterwards. Later on Saturday evening, many hands are required to set up the candles for the Candlelight Walk, as well as to show Fourth Day support by singing to the candidates as they walk from St. Cecilia’s Chapel to Wilson Hall. Clausura is another opportunity for the Fourth Day community to give their support as well as welcoming the new Cursillistas into the community.

Palanca is prayer. Prayer vigils are a very important way to support both the candidates and team. Usually, a prayer vigil list will circulate throughout the community and Cursillistas are invited to sign up for a specific day and time. Throughout the weekend, prayer is always welcome, whether a Cursillista has signed up for a specific slot of time or chooses to pray spontaneously throughout each day.

Cursillo 37 is scheduled from August 22nd through the 25th. With the Holy Spirit giving inspiration, please answer His call to assist throughout the weekend.

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