Harvest Feast at St Paul’s, Alton

submitted by Mother Cyndi Sever

Our Church school turned on the love by cooking a fabulous brunch for parishioners during the Harvest Feast this Fall. It was delicious! They only asked for a donation in return for the bounty. The students are small in number, but didn’t let that stop them from dreaming big about helping others! They collected the money with a lofty goal in mind. They wanted to purchase a cow for a needy family overseas through Heifer International. Our four small missionaries enlisted the help of their teacher, Church school director April Drennan (aka Mom) and good friends and fellow parishioners the Wrausmann family to help them with the hard work of cooking and serving all of the delicious food.

When the Harvest Feast was over, our students had raised several hundred dollars, but were just a little more than a hundred dollars short of their goal of $500 for the cow they truly wanted to gift to a family.

When word of their sincere desire to help others through Heifer got around the parish, donations began pouring in via our guilds and parish organizations. We are all so proud of Marie, Destiny, Brenden, and Charlie, their Mom, April, and father, Chuck Drennan, plus Dorothy, Veronica, Valerie and Tom Wrausmann! All together they raised $620.

These gifts will completely change the lives of the families that receive them. It’s hard for us to imagine, but the gift of a cow, goat, hive of bees, rabbits, or flock of chickens to a third world family can mean the difference between life and death, sickness or health of all of its members