Good Friday

Up and out at the usual hour, but upon arrival at the office-cathedral complex I was immediately waylaid by a sequence of small but emergent concerns, mostly relating to tonight’s liturgy. Finally got to read Morning Prayer in my office, but it was decidedly mid-morning by that time. I was actually fairly productive on a day that suggests a quiet demeanor, but I did get some praying in amid my work. And I’m an inveterate liturgical putterer on the days of the Triduum, so I was back and forth to the cathedral several times for various reasons. I spent a good chunk of the midday consulting commentaries and otherwise closely studying the readings for Ascension. This was in preparation for making a guest preaching appearance outside the diocese. It was a little surreal to be contemplating the ascension on Good Friday, but I handled it. I also checked off a major piece of Nashotah House-related work, did a little bit of online shopping for ecclesiastical haberdashery, and belatedly posted the alternative Prayers of the People forms that I am wont to encourage for the Sundays of Lent and Easter. At around 6, I drifted across the alley once again to talk through the choreography of tonights service with the altar party. The liturgy went very smoothly, with nary a wrinkle, and we did it well. Again, attendance was disappointing, but for those who were there, it was a blessing.

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